Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The blue bicycle and the frame that was put up last summer for the children to climb on.

Melanie doing laundry.

and hanging out colors.

Eric back home from drumming on the beach.

A peep at the street.

Thanks for the visit!


Ai said...

I miss Napoleon the Imperial Cat! Has he been accidentally laundried and ironed by Melanie? If your towel should begin to meow you know what happened.

Your house and friends are always very nice to look at. And that goegeously lush garden! I imagine the parties going on there ;-)

Raising a blond (beer) to your health is
- Ai

Bold oy! said...

I guess Napoleon was touring his empire; he cannot afford to just lie around in the backyard while the other cats get ideas!

katia said...

A clothesline - how lucky for you!
That's one thing I miss about Portugal - clotheslines everywhere!
I haven't seen a single one in Seattle for the 15 years I've been here.

Bold oy! said...

Since I had the dryer repaired the clothesline has gotten less popular, but I love it.