Thursday, June 21, 2007


June and Diansu.
June is my friend from Japan who is visiting America at the moment.
Diansu is brother in law to Ibro Konaté who was my teacher when I first was in Guinea, West Africa in 1995 and 1996.


Ai said...

They look real nice.

JUNE is the name of the first Japanese yaoi magazine, so of course any person with this name is my friend LOL

And yes, I would accompany my mom on her "gardening trip". Not that she needs a chaperone though. Getting hit on the head with her ton-heavy handbag means quick and merciful death for any assailant!

Bold oy! said...

Oh, I didn't mean for her safety but maybe the chaperone would be fun while she works in the garden. ¡=)

Ai said...


You bet the chap(erone) would be fun!