Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I went nto the north coast of Sjælland the other day. It is a beautiful place:

Here is a surfing dog:

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Trip

After I had rested up from the flight to Denmark, I went to Sweden for a few days with my friend Georg and two of his comrades. As it turned out the purpose of this trip was: tripping! I was offered a sugarcube with guaranteed pure acid and a couple of mushrooms that according to the purveyor had to be eaten in pairs. He also said that it would not be too much and I believed him.
I should have used my brains before it got fried. It came on strong. The Swedish summer night displayed its wonders but after a while my body was in the throes of acid energy and I began to wish for it to stop. I had the feeling that I would never be able to sleep again, ever. Georg helped me to calm down with a massage but then he went to sleep and I was still there with spasms of energy cursing through me. I had to use some of this enegy and I went out in the misty morning walking through the forest to the end of our road and then back down the other way. Later the mist turned to rain and finally I slept.

Next day we were going back. I felt good and I realized that we were close to Tågarp where I lived with Don Cherry and his family in 1975. I didn't exactly remember where it would be and it is too small a village to be on the map but we found it on the first try. They were all there: Moki who was married to Don and who is a wonderful artist, Eagle Eye, and Neneh whose daughter Naima was to be married two days later. We stayed only shortly, for they were busy preparing for the wedding but it was a treat to see them.

That evening in Copenhagen I had dinner with my old friends Bent & Francoise and they had a surprise for me: they had invited Gunnar Saietz whom I hadn't seen in 32 years and Tove whom I hadn't seen in 17 years.
I have written here about Gunnar in my first post 'Labbeville' and about Tove in 'Journey to the East'

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Rat Story

The last year I was at Kopan I lived in Joseph’s house, a goat shed that had been converted for human living. It contained one room and an attic, accessed by a ladder, that I used as bedroom.
In the house there was also living a rat and a small but fierce shrew. They didn’t like each other and often at night they would wake me up with their chasing around and the shrew’s piercing screams. They had made their tunnels inside the walls, which were made of stones set in mud.
One night when I was sitting on the floor eating by the light of a candle I saw the shrew and I kept very quiet. He came up to my plate, which was on the floor, and took a small helping of my food. I kind of liked the shrew; it was the rat that was a problem. He stole paper to build his nest and one time the paper was a $120 check. He also stole food and it didn’t matter where I tried to secure it; he would find a way to get it. When I had the food in a basket suspended from the ceiling in the middle of the room he apparently climbed up on a shelf and jumped from there over to the basket. Anyway the food was gone!
I was at my wits end. I must keep him busy, I thought, and that night, before I went to bed, I threw a handful of rice from the trapdoor. It worked! No more fighting, no more stealing! I guess it took him and the shrew the whole night to collect all the grains of rice. After that I daily offered a handful of rice to my housemates and we lived peacefully together to the end of my stay.

Tonight I am flying to Denmark. I am bringing my laptop but my posting will be less regular during the month I am there.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This is picture I saw in a dream.
A boy have thrown a firecracker that explodes in the very foreground of the picture. Some naked poeple walking on the sidewalk are caught in the moment of shock by the explosion, while, in the bacground, an adult, maybe a teacher, tries to grab the boy.