Thursday, July 23, 2009


John Brown, the teacher in whose studio I have been working, first in January and now the last five weeks, died of a heart attack last night.
Yesterday he was emptying the kiln with us all helping to carry the pieces to the shelves - today he is gone. It is hard to believe.
John's studio is a vital part of the lives of many people and he was keeping everything smoothly moving.
He will be missed and remembered.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Another quote from The Book of the Way and Virtue:

It is not clear above;
it is not dark below;
unceasing, unnamable,
it rturns again to nothing.
It is the form of the formless,
the image of nothing.
It is said to be disturbing and distracting.
Meeting it you will not see its head;
following it you will not see its rear.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


On the fourth of July I took a hike with Jun and Yukari and Jun's old school-friend who didn't look his age.
We got lost and the hike was so long that it completely tired me out so I couldn't do anything much the rest of the day.

On the fifh I went to Wasemo's 18 years birthday. I have known him since he was in his mother's belly. Now he is a big guy.

Written in runes this is a poem by Virginia Hamilton Adair called 'God to the Serpent'. God praises the snake as his masterpiece and derides the humans for their vanity thinking that they are created in God's image.
I love the last line to the snake: "I'm glad you stayed in Eden when they left."

These two are from the first batch this time at Clay Creation. It came out of the kiln yesterday and was mostly disappointing with exception of these.