Sunday, June 24, 2007



Reflections in the pond


This young deer was hanging out near the house and let me get quite close for a picture


Ai said...

Does Bambi come so near that you can actually feed him? What a cute lil fellow. My boss has similar ears ;-)

I dig your nature photos, they are very atmospheric.

Bold oy! said...

Sorry, she is a girl and I just decided to name her Lulu after the doe in Isak Dinesen's 'Out of Africa'.

If you get closer than about 10 feet, she leaves. That's what I was told and I didn't press the point.

Your boss must be cute! ;0)

Ai said...

Lulu, as in Frank Wedekind's play?

Beware, she started out as a sort of innocent doe herself and found a tragic end... O.o

No tragedy for your Lulu! Only carrots and candy and whatever deer hold dear!

My boss is a pudgy plain middle-aged man. The only cuteness lies in the shape and size of his ears. In so far you are right :-))