Thursday, May 31, 2007


A poll in the weekly Santa Cruz paper ‘Good Times’ asks: “Should marijuana be legalized?”

The answers:
54.4% Oh, totally.
25,8% Yes, if it’s heavily taxed and regulated.
11.0% Usage should be legal but not sales.
8.2% No.
0.5% other

This amounts to 91.2% for the usage being legal. Quite impressive! But of course this is Santa Cruz!

I never understood the position that usage should be legal but not sales. It’s so illogical. Should only those who have a possibility of growing marijuana themselves be allowed to smoke it without breaking the law? If something is legal to consume, it must be legal to buy and sell.

What would actually happen if marijuana were made completely free to produce, buy, sell, and consume? Like any other herb. Would everybody start smoking? Would our society collapse?
The price would go down for sure, but it would still be possible to make a decent living as marijuana farmer. The government would save a lot of money they now use in that sector of the War on Drugs. The other parts of the very useful hemp plant could be freely exploited to the benefit of mankind. A sizable group of inmates would be freed from prison and again much money saved.
It might harm the tobacco industry, but tobacco is much more harmful to the health than marijuana.

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