Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The gathering was smaller than recent spring gatherings, probably because the Guinea Conference was held simultaneously in Oakland. No African teachers graced this gathering with their presence, but it was good to confirm that we have enough talented dancers and drummers to raise the energy by ourselves. The weather was perfect, hot enough to warrant a refreshing dip in the river, but not a debilitating heat.
There was a nice community feeling; things were not organized but they were still taken care of: the food, the fire, the cave-like tent – I don’t even know who did it all, but it manifested and I extend my thanks to those who worked for the common welfare. And a welcome to the newcomers, several of them born within this last year.
Saturday I went on an expedition upriver with Mario and the twins, Trillium and Silas, skipping rocks and evading the alligators that the boys were slightly nervous about.
Here are some pictures:

Conquering the wilds

Friendships are made

The boys can dance too!

The cave

Paul's place

Nuksak cooling off


Geno and Paul

Judah, a new face

Sosha, a beautiful dance teacher


RIC said...

Great photos! Congrats! :-)

Ai said...

Yes, that's the true Huckleberry Finn and Robinson Crusoe spirit. Luv it!!!

Trillium is a cute name. Reminds me of Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide..." heroine Trillian.

- Ai