Thursday, May 24, 2007


I'm off to Dunun Village Gathering for an extended weekend.
I'll be back with photos!
Have a great weekend!


RIC said...

Marvellous, amazingly beautiful work you've got here. I'd dare say a formidable document!
Thank you so very much for sharing so much wisdom and beauty!
Have a great weekend!
I'll be back! For sure!

Bold oy! said...

Thanks for your comment, Taurus brother!
I'm born April 29, when are you?

katia said...

I'm sad that, once again, I will be missing the gathering due to no ride. :(

Have a wonderful time, Age, and I look forward to seeing your photos!


RIC said...

Hello B.O.!
I was born May 8.
I hope you've had a wonderful time this weekend!
Have you been over to Lisbon? In the bloggosphere, of course.
Well, you may have been here too in person, since you've lived in Marocco...
Till next time!
Keep up with all the beauty one sees everywhere around! :-)

Bold oy! said...

Ric, I never went to Portugal, but I am tempted to visit Lisbon sometime. Only problem: I don't speak Portuguese, can't even understand it, so even in the bloggosphere it's limited what I get out of a visit.