Thursday, December 06, 2007


In Heglian philosophy Synthesis is the final stage in the process of dialectical reasoning, in which a new idea resolves the conflict between thesis and antithesis. Thesis being a statement put forth as truth and antithesis the negation of the thesis, based on experience.

So, what is needed as the world engages in religious warfare, is a synthetic religion that is in accord with science and embraces the Truth at the core the different religions and philosophies.

For example:
One thesis is that God created the world with the design of his intelligence, such as described in the Book of Books. The antithesis is that the universe evolved in the way proven by Science.
To resolve the conflict that exists between the believers of these two schools of belief we must admit that both are right.
Science, building on experience, is irrefutable and is obviously right about evolution.
In religion it’s less obvious what is truth and what is superstition, but, since the thesis is based on the Bible, that’s where we must seek its deeper truth. According to the Bible, God revealed himself to Moses as JHVH, meaning, “I am that which is”.
So the thesis holds that “That Which Is” created the world! Of course, “It” must have been there before the world was created, for something cannot come out of nothing.
But what exactly is it “That Is”?
That is a mystery, but in the belief of the American Americans it is called Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit. Science has found that the material world seemingly is built up of a mysterious energy in eleven dimensions.

The synthesis, the idea that makes a resolution of the conflict possible, is that “That Which Is” is an indestructible, free Spirit-Energy that eternally “Is” without any dimensions and that also exists manifested in continuous creation.
It is impossible to deny that there is intelligence in creation, but, as far as the evolution of life on earth goes, the intelligence expresses itself in evolution.
Evolution is continual creation.
This is true religion and goes far beyond words. The Truth at its core is this, that the actualization of being united in the Spirit is unconditional Love for all creation.
That is really all the religion we need.

The title of this picture is SYNTHESIS, and it uses the ancient symbol for spirit energy twice, spinning in opposite directions, as the thesis and antithesis.

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