Friday, July 16, 2010


All her life auntie was a staunch atheist, but everybody knows that it is precisely the atheists who, having passed the dialectical stage of rebelling against God, most often becomes devout believers or simply are infected with various forms of mysticism – that’s what happened to my aunt; in her declining years she joined some strange esoteric society. This was a kind of New Age group with a Russian twist, where everything went into the mix: the manuscripts of unrecognized messiahs, silver-maned unicorns, the poetry of ancient Russian spells, the horoscope of the druids, the ritual laments of southern Croatians and Australian didgeridoo…

(Dimitry Bushuev in ‘Echoes of Harlequin’)

That's pretty funny. I grew up atheist and now I'm infected with mysticism, albeit not specially of the New Age kind. More like this quote from Zen master Hui Neng:

There is nothing true anywhere, the true is nowhere to be found.
If you say you see the true,
This seeing is not the true one.
When the true is left to itself,
There is nothing false in it, for it is mind itself.
When mind in itself is not liberated from the false,
There is nothing true, nowhere is the true to be found.

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