Thursday, September 24, 2009



E N Shook said...

I really like your work. My mother was an artist and would have also greatly appreciated your sensibilities. I also thank you for your stories. A very enriching experience, and well worth the sidetrack! (Note: and that's after I've spent hours thus sidetracked, being a newcomer.)

I came by way of your other blog, but found even greater riches here. I've added you to my Google Reader, but I think that makes me a lurker, and won't show me as a subscriber. Not sure if I'm one of the dots near Chicago, but I might be one of those North of it.

Oddly, previous to encountering your blog, I'd already seen the picture of your monster hand reflection. Interesting how the Net connects us all in mysterious, albeit sometimes disconcerting, ways.

Bold oy! said...

Thank you, I really appreciate your comment.

It's so funny that you saw the monster hand, I had no idea that it had escaped into the virtual world.

E N Shook said...

Yes, the hand escaped to at least one, if not even two other Web sites. I just don't recall which ones.

I gathered that you moved during the course of your blog writing, are you in Costa Rica now? I'm wondering where the best place is to eventually obtain dual citizenship for purposes of freedom and retirement. You seem an old salt in the department of travel.

If I create a comment with my email address in it, can you stop the address from being posted, permitting us to simply chat via email?

Bold oy! said...

I only moved within Santa Cruz.

I'm a Danish citizen and Denmark doesn't allow dual citizenship.

You can write to