Sunday, August 16, 2009


Now I have a design that I'm satisfied with but to print it is another story. I have looked into screen-printing but I don't know if I have the facilities to do it here myself and printing in a shop is a major investment. This means: wait and see!

Yesterday I played bocce-ball for hours at the Leo party in the park. When I have fun with the boys I don't stop till I'm completely exhausted and today I've been laying low all day. I baked bread in the morning and tried out the bike after its repair. The back axle broke day before yesterday when I was downtown, so, the bike finally got the overhaul it has needed for a while.

All afternoon I was reading. I have just found a new author that I like: William Maxwell, and I got the first volume of his collected works, 997 pages, from the library.

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Will said...

The first design was very Bauhaus, the second very Japanese. I thought the first one very bold and probably quite exciting on a T-shirt, the second elegant and not anywhere near as dominant as a graphic.

This new one is a nice compromise, fairly light in feeling but strong enough to make a nice impact.