Monday, October 20, 2008


I tell myself I’m so lucky – within the frame of the possible.

Do you know the possible - or the impossible for that sake?

Well, I know one thing that’s impossible! – You cannot live forever.

So, within your slow descent towards mortality, you are lucky? That’s what you’re saying?

Yes, I know I am lucky – but I do not always feel it.
And then I feel guilty for not appreciating my luck.
There are also assaults of negative moods that must not take root.
And then sometimes I feel that I should not give in to the pleasures that accompany my luck – like I’m using up my good karma.

You complicate things. Just live your life and keep your heart open.

But I’m kind of misanthropic. I mostly just tolerate people.

Oh, you are just too focused on young male beauty.

And so what? It doesn’t hurt anybody - au contraire!

What do you mean?

Well, I mean it could help someone – it could be my natural way to be positive.
I think openness is positive. And I just do open up towards young men - like a flower turns to the sun.

But you always sit and gape at their beauty.

Just live your life, you said – and now you want me to cramp my style. I think you are the one who complicates things.

We are just driving each other crazy!

Shit, no! We are just passing the time.

Are you actually going to post this?

What do you think?

It was you who said openness is good.

But it can be boring.


Oliver said...

Haha, I love it.

Bold oy! said...

Thanks Oliver!