Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Sunday and Monday we had a visit, here in Santa Cruz, of one of Guinea's most accomplished dancers, Alseny Yansané. I missed his Sunday morning class, but his wife took him to see me in the afternoon. Afterwards we joined the players at the beach in a cold March wind and bright sun.
Monday night Alseny taught class. He is a mighty dancer and he inspired the whole group to out-do themselves. He finished the class with a solo with such incredibly fast footwork that he was virtually flying. And he didn't stop dancing; the drummers played Dununba, the strong men's dance, and Alseny showed his graceful strength in some acrobatic moves. I was too taken by what I saw to bother with taking photos, but instead I have these pictures from the garden:

Oh! I love my garden so! There is nothing like the light spring rain to make it sparkle.

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