Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I’d say that the ultimate point of contention between different beliefs is about the character of the primal energy. Modern physics have proven that the material world is structured of ‘particles’, which are really energies, and the aim of physicists is to pinpoint the basic energy that they believe is underlying all aspects of reality.

Some holds that life is meaningless and absurd futility, but apart from such nihilists, most philosophies and religions teach that a spiritual power is the source and animator of the universe.

If we want to see a dichotomy in these views, it is between spirit-energy and mechanical energy. But in truth they are two sides of one coin. Spirit-energy is free-moving creative energy and mechanical energy is the energy bound in the structures of creation. These two are one because all structure is contained within the Great Spirit.

Is structure absolute or does a primal energy exist outside and independent of any structure? Maybe the question cannot be answered, but I believe that only the Spirit that transcends structure is absolute. Spirit contains the dichotomy between spirit-energy and mechanical energy.

When you build a tower you put one brick on top of another, layer by layer, till the top. In the same way everything is build up of small parts. And just as the tower would not stand solid if there were not solidity in every brick, so, a being could not have a mind if there were not the qualities of mind in every particle.

In the mind with its contents - sensations, emotions, awareness and consciousness - structure is the expression of the Spirit.
The one thing that may be beyond structure is love. Not the love that is fueled by lust, but a love that opens the way to affirmation of all thing’s unity in the Spirit and manifests itself as a blissful force.
Bliss is absense of structure.
That is worth a prayer: to be a conduct for that kind of love.

We live in the grossest mechanical structures build of molecules, but our true nature is spiritual and spans as far as we can sense and imagine the universe and into the gossamer of dreams and to the very center of the source of all structure.
There is such overwhelming richness in just one moment of this universe that one must be in awe of its power and adore its beauty.

Through every living being the Great Spirit senses itself from a different point and embodies itself in relative movement and stillness, unfolding the playground of time-space.

In time-space we have four-dimensional structures that are within the grasp of our senses. What are the structures of the remaining seven dimensions? Can we also sense them and are they as necessary to our being as time and space. Are they the dimensions in which we exist in death, when we have left time and space?

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