Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I wasn’t that happy about the second school day. I guess it was my own fault because I had lunch in the sun and chatted with Liz, the assistant.
The assignment was to make a teapot with a theme, but I missed out about the teapot because I was late, and my team decided for Outer Space as theme and they decided on a design and I just sat there like a brute beast. Julian was the one who had the idea and the design and he more or less did the whole thing, and when I saw the other teams’ teapots, I thought ours looked like it was made for a doll’s house. I had made a small extra UFO and a moon that both didn’t have anything to do with the teapot but looked more like two cookies.
Well, see for yourself:

The teacher says “OK!” after every sentence, or is it “OK?” These OK’s are still rattling round in my head, OK!
Clean your tools, OK!
Here is clean-up after class:

On the home front, Eric, at his studies and Leela at her computer:

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katia said...

ahh, you're in school! me too - how fabulous! :))

love the last photo's ambient lighting.. mmm...