Monday, October 22, 2007


Do you like the new colors ? I'm happy about the title banner - don't ask me how I got that metallic effect ! It came by itself; I used iphoto and changed the colors on and on, five or six times, and suddenly the colors began to mix and glint like metal.
I had to change the other colors to fit but that you probably will not notice.

I got an e-mail from Ellesa and Michael saying they had been reading the blog. "You are all over the place," they said, and I guess that's true. I like that !

Besides blogging I also make jam. Today I made apple-guave jam out of the last Red Delicious and the first small guavas. The guavas have an intense taste that give pizzas to the apple sauce. For dinner I made Danish pancakes = crèpes, and ate them with vintage rhubarb jam. And I mean vintage ! I've had this jar and a jar of green tomato jam since 1987. My friends urged me to throw them out, but before throwing them out I ventured a taste and they were both totally preserved and tasty.

It's getting late and I wish you a good night and a bright morning.


FletcherBeaver said...

My boyfriend Mark makes me fresh strawberry jam, from fruit from his veggie garden. His blue eyes sparkle and he smiles so pleased with himself, as he hands me the deep red jar. Look what I made for you, he says.

Bold oy! said...

I should have someone like you to give strawberry jam ;-)

FletcherBeaver said...

You should. We all should. (Not necessarily like me... I don't mean that)

Bold oy! said...

I mean someone who enjoy the sparkling blue eyes and the red jar enough to make me see them too.