Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Thought

The sun lights up the world, but the luminous blue sky hides what is behind it.
Not until night has enveloped the surroundings in darkness
can we perceive the immensity of the universe.

Just as we at night see deeper into the universe than at day,
it may be that in death we see further into truth than we do in life.


Will said...

I found you just this morning and hope to have the time to read through your archives in detail soon. I am very impressed with your thoughts and writing, and with your art. I would like to place a link to you on my blog, DesignerBlog.

I will be back.

Bold oy! said...

Thank you Will. I have looked in on DesignerBlog and I liked it and have linked it to my blog. I liked very much the posts about architecture and the great photos of heavenly sizes from Pluto to Antares.

I have also linked 'Gay Men Rule' to my other blog BOYS I LIKE