Monday, November 20, 2006

Words of an Anonymous Prophet

The Great Spirit said:

In all times and at all places, I am.
I am the force in the germ and the stink in putrefaction.
I cut down greatness, and brace up the small.
In the evil I am the good, and in the good the evil.

In the clear I am the obscure, in the mystical the simple.
Through this, my duality, I create, uphold, and destroy worlds.
My duality is infinite, duality within duality.
Irreconcilable contrasts are contained in me.

Myself, I am above this, eternal and imperishable.
Your thought cannot comprehend me.
Your words cannot describe me.
I hide nothing from you, but my magic blinds you.

My divine ways are above thoughts and words.
When you see me mirrored from all sides,
then turn towards me and you are there,
where you have always been.

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