Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More Graphics

I like to design new alphabets - this is inspired by Tibetan writing.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back Age!! from Tom.

Great pictures. The picture of Puja dancing is especially beautiful.

On another subject, in my internet travels I came across this post from an instrument maker who lives on an island in the Indian Ocean, he is trying to find out more about Don Cherry's introduction to the dousingouni - I figured you might have some information for him (if you feel like revealing it). I havent written to the person but let me know if you want to get in touch with them, heres what they wrote:

"Hello, I am a maker of Kora and ngoni, the harp-lute family of West Africa. In October there will be a Jazz Festival on the island( I live out in the Indian Ocean) and I am preparing an expo focusing on Don Cherry and the part he played in introducing the Donso Ngoni into the Jazz world. I will also explore other jazz artists who have used this instrument( William Parker, Byron Wallen are the only 2 I found on the net, I hoping to discover others) and time providing ( the festval starts the 12th of October) artists who have collaborated with west african artists( Herbie Hancock and Foday Musa Suso for example). I would like to ask the question, what is the contribution of this music ( kora and ngoni) to the jazz world, and what jazz has contributed to the music of these cultures. If there is anyone who has any feedback, articles, photos, ect, that they feel would be helpful, could you send them my way. I'm still missing the most vital info, how cherry first found this instrument. Also if you know of any other musicians who integrate these instruments into jazz, could you have them contact me. Thanks"